Synthetic World

man’s greatest quest: to change the face of the world

through his limited knowledge and ability.

14 thoughts on “Synthetic World

  1. salamat bro. acually, painting ko ito noon pa. gusto ko ito kase related ito sa issue ngayon ng climate change. naalala ko lang bigla kaya hinalungkat ko at kinunan ng picture.

  2. o2 ate melai, painting ko ito nun medyo malaya pa ang oras ko at walang magawa sa buhay. hehe wla nga ako sponsor para mag-exhibit eh.kya online exhibit nalang.hehe tnx

  3. eli.πŸ™‚ u can call me tinay. thank you sa comments ha. you have the gift of warping the paper. ipagpatuloy lang. i am recommending

    tiyak, magugustuhan mo diyan.

    keep creating.

    tinay, tnx for dropping by. yeah, i changelink with sigbin b4 pa. and i really like that site too.

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