My Hometown

Bongabon,Nueva Ecija ,located 145 km northeast of Manila.
It is dubbed as the Onion Capital of the Philippines for it is the top onion producer of the country.

Harvesting of onion is done during the late March to April. During harvest time, onions can be seen (and smell too) from almost everywhere. Farmers also planted rice and vegetables during rainy season. During planting and harvesting season (rice or onion) the esence of BAYANIHAN is still alive especially in remote areas.

The town fiesta or ‘Sibuyasan Festival’ is celebrated with great fervor
during seocnd week of April to give thanks to the Lord Almighty
for the blessings and for giving the town a good harvest…

Welcome to Bongabon!


8 thoughts on “My Hometown

  1. hehe..april 10 pa bro.pero wala ako dun..dito ako sa vizcaya (bayombong) ngayon..d2 kase ako work. tamang-tama pwede ka mag-stop-over dito bro.

  2. hi that’s interesting.I didn’t know we had a onion capital. thanks for sharing this. love your art by the way!

    — hi..tnx for visiting my blog. yeah we have po! hehe i have read also in wikipedia that it is not only in the Phils but in Southeast asia…

  3. Kabayan, ang ganda naman ng mga graphics mo hanga ako sa brod. nag search lang ako ng Bongabon nueva ecija at ito mga naglabasan sa google.Nyz talaga gawa mo.D2 pala ako sa Saudi .Tiis at tiyaga d2 pero mahirap sa malayo.

  4. ronski,
    kabayan ko! ang saya nman dahil sa gawa kong ito ay nagkita tayo at kahit nandiyan ka sa ibang bansa ay naalala mo ang ating bayang sinilangan…ang bongabon. alumni ako ng bongabon high school batch 93..kaw ba? salamat sa pagdalaw mo. mabuhay ka at alam kung darating ang araw na back to bongabon ka uli. God Bless You bro.

  5. Hey. Nice blog. I’m from Nueva Ecija, too though not from Bongabon. But it’s sweet to actually stumble upon a kababayan’s site, proudly blogging about his hometown. God bless!

  6. hi eli,


    i was looking in the net for a guy from bongabon that could help me. u know i am planning to migrate my in-laws from sta. cruz, manila to bongabon n.e. & i asked my sis-in-law hubby which is a true blooded bongabonian to find me a lot in bongabon. he found one which is beside bongabon municipal hall. i have no idea about the price of lot per sq.m on that location. maybe u could help me or u can find me a guy that may give info about my request. u can also recommend other lots that are up for grabs there in poblacion. u can contact me via my email add. thanks a lot.

    God bless & more power.


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