CorelDraw Tutorial


Using Powerclip

Place vector objects and bitmaps, such as photos inside other objects, or containers. A container can be any object, for example artistic text or a rectangle. When you place an object into a container that is larger than the container, the object, called
the content, is cropped to fit the form of the container. This creates a PowerClip object.

If you want to place your photo inside an artistic text
(it can be your name), here’s how:

4 easy steps:
1. Import your photo
2. Type your name (font size = atleast 150)
3. Select your photo
4. Click Effects > PowerClip > Place inside container* (refer to above photo)
5. Click on the text (it will serve as your container).

Thats it!

Pinoy version:
ang paraang ito ay maaaring ihalintulad sa mangga at basket.

1. Isipin mong mangga ‘yong picture mo
2. At basket naman ‘yong text. At dahil yong mangga ang ilalagay mo
sa basket, syempre, ‘yong mangga ang hahawakan mo (select your photo)
3. gawin ang *step # 4
5. ngayong hawak mo na ang mangga, maaari mo na itong ilagay sa
basket! i-clik ang text.

ang resulta ay dapat katulad ng nasa ibaba.






16 thoughts on “CorelDraw Tutorial

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  3. shau, hindi ko sila mapag-compare kase magkaiba sila ng gamit. magaling ang coreldraw sa vector graphics. ang photoshop naman ay magaling sa bitmat graphics. salamat sa pagdalaw! happy blogging…

  4. tapos, pede nabang kaini un mangga??hehe,jokes..
    tnx’ s tutorial moh pare, ngagawa q rin ang technique n yan
    kaso fill pattern ang gamit q,
    tnx’ now i know more.. mhuaax’

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